Ian MacLeod
The Ottawa Citizen
May 8, 2008

Editor’s Note: The “jihadist” fertilizer bomb mentioned below was orchestrated by two government informers, one paid an astounding $4 million. (See Government Moles in ‘Terror’ Bomb Plot Provided Bomb, Set up Training Camp, Toronto Star, September 26, 2007.)

The RCMP is investigating seven suspected terrorist plots so disturbing they “keep me awake at night,” the senior Mountie for national security disclosed yesterday.

Assistant Commissioner Mike McDonell said the cases are “spread right across the country” and each is comparable in scale to Canada’s biggest alleged jihadist conspiracy, which resulted in the arrests of 18 Toronto-area people in a suspected plot to bomb federal buildings in 2006.

The seven cases are among an unprecedented 848 national security cases, most related to terrorism, currently under investigation, Assistant Commissioner McDonell told an Ottawa conference on critical infrastructure protection.

“What we’re onto scares us,” he said in a later interview, without elaborating. “What we’re not onto really scares us.”

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