American victims of Palestinian terror attacks have petitioned President Donald Trump to prohibit Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas from entering the United States this week due to his material support for terrorism, according to a letter sent to the White House asking the president to assert new powers granted under recently passed anti-terrorism legislation in Congress.

The families of at least 22 individuals killed by Palestinian terrorist attacks are asking that Trump invoke recently granted legal powers to prohibit Abbas’s entry to America due to his status as the leader of Palestinian entities incentivizing terror via annual payments to convicted terrorists, a controversial policy long subsidized by U.S. taxpayer aid dollars.

The effort to block Abbas from the United States first started late last week, when Palestinian Media Watch, an advocacy organization that tracks jihadi rhetoric, petitioned the State Department on the matter. That letter was met with a tepid response by the State Department, prompting prominent victims of Palestinian terrorism to appeal directly to Trump.

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