An unknown terrorist or terrorists sent a threatening letter to Donald Trump’s son Eric on Thursday.

The letter delivered to 100 Central Park South on Manhattan was opened by his wife, Lara, and a white powder fell on her.

Lara Yunaska is a CBS News producer.

A preliminary field test indicated the white powder is not dangerous.

The letter reportedly also contained a note threatening Trump’s other children if he does not pull out of the presidential race.

The Secret Service, FBI and New York Police Department are investigating the Massachusetts postmarked letter.

Since announcing his campaign and sweeping primary races, Trump has been the target of numerous attacks, including a violent demonstration that shut down a campaign rally in Chicago and an attempt by a man to rush the stage during a speech in Vandalia, Ohio.

On Tuesday the D.C. campaign office of trailing candidate Marco Rubio was evacuated after a similar letter was sent.

The Fire Department, FBI and a hazmat crewed responded and it was determined the letter was not dangerous.

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