You Tube | June 20, 2008

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (released in 1985) is set in a unique Orwellian world– although Gilliam professes he never read 1984. Instead, Gilliam says it is a document of tyrannical South American countries who readily ruled by terror.

Gilliam also says the inspiration was drawn from the IRA bombings– a long and hazy affair in which the people, and perhaps the government too, had lost touch with the reality in a war with terror where so many provocations, infiltrations and staged incidents had taken place that few really knew the source of terror.

Weimar Republic

The same system tortures and kidnaps its citizens to uphold the bureaucracy itself– when a man is falsely arrested, he is put into a sack and hauled off by storm troopers; yet, paperwork is obsessively done, and all receipts are filed.

The false arrest of Buttle: In pursuit of an alleged terrorist named ‘Tuttle’, a man named Buttle is kidnapped at gunpoint by goons who literally burst into his home, put him into a sack and hauled him off to be tortured and never seen again.

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