Mike M. Ahlers

January 20, 2012

U.S. immigration officials, testing controversial new protocols that give them discretion to “administratively close” immigration cases instead of taking them to court, have recommended that about 14% of the nearly 12,000 cases reviewed thus far be closed, allowing those people to remain in the United States.

Of the 11,682 immigration cases reviewed in two test cities — Baltimore and Denver — officials have recommended closing 1,667 cases, provided they pass a final background check.

… “For a variety of reasons, including the results of background checks, the final results of the pilot programs will likely differ from these preliminary numbers,” Department of Homeland Security official Kim Baronof wrote in a memo obtained by CNN.

If the 14% were to hold consistent for the 300,000 cases pending before the immigration courts, approximately 42,000 immigrants would bypass the courts and be permitted to stay in the United States.

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