Samantha Wagner
Houston Chronicle
May 7, 2012

SEE PETITION: Mitt Romney debate Ron Paul (Houston, TX on May 24th, 2012)

With Rick Santorum out and Newt Gingrich close behind him, most Republicans would say that the primary contest is over and Mitt Romney is all but officially the GOP nominee.

However, Chelsea Willis from Batson, Texas, and more than 6,000 others who have signed her online petition would beg to differ. The petition, posted on, calls for a nationally televised Republican presidential debate in Houston on Thursday, May 24 between the remaining candidates.


Thus far, there have been 27 Republican presidential debates, but the petition argues that the volatile nature of the campaign cycle brings constant change that can confuse voters. The last debate took place in Ohio on March 3.


At this point, the Texas GOP is no longer interested in a Republican presidential debate, Elam said. However, the party is hoping candidates will speak at the state convention taking place in early June.

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