June 4, 2012

If you wish to read a classic piece of state inspired propaganda, carefully read this piece from CBS.

“Tuesday will mark the second election day in May for many voters in North Texas. If tradition holds, most voters won’t bother with showing up.”

This is GREAT NEWS! More and more people are learning that voting is a scam and a complete waste of time. More and more people don’t participate because they have learned that politicians are nothing more than criminals operating a protection racket. More and more people are coming to the realization that it is not necessary, nor desirable, to have others centrally planning and managing their lives!

“Texas is one of the worst states in the nation for voter turnout, and not much is being done to fix it.”

Statists seem to think that there is something to “fix.” Why? And just how do they plan to “fix” this perceived problem? By spewing even more propaganda that voting is somehow useful and contributes to the health and prosperity of the voter? There is nothing to fix. Massive refusal to vote is a clear, undeniable signal to their self-professed rulers that people no longer recognize that rule as legitimate, useful, and certainly not in their best interest.

“Candidates get the courage to run. They put their names on every road, desperate for every vote. They have to – even with 26 million people in the state, there aren’t that many votes.”

It takes “courage” for some to claim superior ability to govern other people’s lives rather than allow individuals peacefully governing themselves? What is being misidentified as “courage” is in reality arrogance and pomposity. Those running for political office seek to wield the monopoly of power that the state claims. And unfortunately, still too many of the sheeple consent to this ill begotten power. What encouraging news to hear that such sociopaths are “desperate!”

“A state with a rich history of revolution and independence is now mostly indifferent.”

The reporter seems to think a people with “a rich history of revolution and independence” should be actively consenting to being ruled by petty tyrants and control freaks. On the contrary, it’s because of that history that they have the common sense to stay at home! The reporter’s attitude confirms that politics is merely an extension of state violence where “citizens” war amongst themselves rather than outsiders. One side “wins” the opportunity to use violence (through “law” and “policy“) against those they have electorally defeated. The outcome of all elections is ultimately enforced through violence. The result is the same as in any shooting war- anger, mistrust, hate, alienation.

Also, it’s easier for the state to maintain its power when its human livestock is squabbling with each other rather than with the state itself. The state’s technique of “divide and conquer” goes hand in hand with “problem-reaction-solution.”

“In the 2006 general election, Texas ranked 48th among states for voter turnout. In the presidential election of 2008, 47th. In 2010, Texas was dead last.”

What wonderful progress! Let’s hope it continues! The fact that Texas was dead last in a presidential election might just mean that more Texans than I thought despise the DC Death Cult and would be open to the idea and necessity of secession.

“Last May, only 1 in 10 voters cast a ballot in mayoral elections in both Dallas and Fort Worth.”

Still more great news! Let’s hope that ratio increases to 1 in 100 next year.

“University of North Texas political science professor Philip Paolino says much of the blame lies with many Texans being of one mind/one party. ‘The actual getting people to vote, getting them, encouraging them to go to the polls, ends up with the parties.’”

Well, of course- it’s a party controlled process. There are only two to choose from and they both believe in state slavery and authoritarianism.

“‘If there’s no competition, Paolino says, there’s no need to get voters to the polls. ‘The one party problem is big.'”

Well, whose fault is that? If the parties were truly different, some might believe there is a choice and be fooled into voting. The fact is there is no difference and both parties make no effort to be different. And why should they? Whichever “side” wins, the existence of the state as uncontested ruler is preserved. The fact that some voted implicit consent (no matter the “side” they represented) provides the state its “evidence” for declaring its legitimacy.

“Experts say Texas’ requirement to be registered a full month in advance to vote, and the sheer number of elections, could also be contributing to low turnout.”

You can always identify a corporate media report when the unnamed “Experts” are brought forward to make unconfirmed claims. The poor reader is expected to accept as gospel all information disseminated by these mysterious “Experts.” Let’s say these claims are true. It would provide further evidence of disinterest among people in voting. No matter how easy the state makes it to vote, people still don’t care nor allow themselves to be conned.

“Tarrant County elections supervisor Steve Raybon says most counties try to make voting convenient. Early voting goes on for weeks. Local elections are on weekends.”

Near non-stop elections appear to be the trend. The state is desperate to convince its populace that its existence is necessary. It now continually sponsors non-stop scams to interest its slaves. It ain’t workin.’

“He says counties can’t afford much outreach though. ‘In Texas, we generally leave it up to the candidates, the parties to motivate their base, to motivate their voters to get out. and it’s the job of election officials to make it convenient.’”

Both are failing. Any “outreach” fails because the true nature of the state has been exposed and its elections have been proven fraudulent. No amount of “outreach” can rescue a failed and discredited religion.

“Parties often don’t want to push voters too much, especially during primaries, to avoid appearing to favor one candidate over another. In Richardson Monday, however, the Tea Party filled a bus with phone bank volunteers calling voters for Senate candidate Ted Cruz.
Cruz, who later joined the volunteers said he has seen grass roots excitement among voters. He admitted though it could be difficult to motivate people following a holiday weekend.”

The people have spoken- not through an election but through their behavior, their choices, their money, and their feet. They’ve told these predatory politi-gangsters that spending time with their family and friends, and enjoying life is a more worthy use of their time. Good for them!

“’The people who are going to come out [and vote] are those who are motivated, those who are energized,’ Cruz said.”

I would describe them more accurately as brain washed and clueless. Just the kind of “citizens” our rulers prefer.

“In Fort Worth, longtime Texas House member Lon Burnham was walking door to door trying to find voters who hadn’t cast a ballot yet. Burnam said he was finding a general disinterest among voters, and far less interest than during the presidential campaign of 2008.”

Get the message, dude. This disinterest is due to disgust, being better informed, and a general awakening among the population. Take it as a clue that a revolution is near; a revolution that does not include the likes of you.

“The Memorial Day holiday though is something he said he wished encouraged more people to get to the polls.
‘One of the thing people fought and died for against both external foreign enemies and here in this country, people fought and died for the right to vote.’”

Maybe its seeing all those graves (and the newly discovered truth behind their existence) is what “encouraged” folks not to involve themselves in a fruitless, dishonest enterprise that never results in any significant change. And reactionary slogans about dying “for the right to vote” no longer have any credibility. Elections come and go but the number of graves just keeps on rising. Why bother?

“The counties still have to spend money, just in case voters do show up. The May 12 elections cost Tarrant County roughly $600,000.”

Still more stolen, wasted money. Still more to be angry about. These folks just don’t seem to get it.

I truly hope I live to see the day when an election is held and NO ONE SHOWS UP!

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