Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo
May 25, 2011

Earlier today, Alex Jones went to the Texas State Capitol in Austin and joined a protest of citizens gathered to demand an end to TSA tyranny.

On his nationally syndicated radio show, Alex urged all within a reasonable distance of the capitol to take part in the demonstration. More than 200 people did so.

They implored their elected representatives to resist the federal government and its threat to shut down aviation in the state of Texas for daring to enact legislation to criminalize intrusive pat-downs currently conducted at airports. If allowed to continue this practice, federal government goons will be sticking their hands down the pants of citizens at malls, hotels, theme parks, and on streets across America.

The TSA has now turned into a literal occupying army threatening to completely change the character of American society from a beacon of liberty to a checkpoint-riddled, “show us your papers” Sovietized hellhole.

It is imperative that we not stand idly by while the federal government resorts to mafia-style threats of financial terrorism to crush the lawful and constitutional rights of local representatives to run their own state in the way they see fit.

For the whole story, see Paul Joseph Watson’s Financial Terrorism: TSA Holds Texas Flights Hostage.

Stay tuned for updated reports, coming soon at and Prison

Photo: David Baron.

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