Thursday, December 24, 2009

AUSTIN — The Texas Department of State Health services has about four months to destroy blood samples taken and stored without permission from millions of babies.

State law allows the department to collect those blood samples for routine disease testing, but the state’s been hanging on to millions of blood samples since the testing began in 2002.
Dad Michael Neff says blood samples taken from his two daughters should have been destroyed.
He fears the state might have used those blood samples in research projects or sold them to insurance companies.


[efoods]“I don’t think my kid’s DNA should be out there, and if it is it should be mine and their mother’s decision,” Neff said.

The Department of State Health Services now agrees with Neff’s position.
They’ve settled a lawsuit filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project over the samples which the state was keeping without getting permission from parents.

Full story here.

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