State moves to monitor beach goers

Julie Wilson
June 20, 2013

Following the highly publicized NSA scandal, this shouldn’t come as a shock, but still the shock factor remains.

An reader sent in the photographs below showing intrusive high-tech cameras on a South Texas beach owned by the South Padre National Seashore. Upon entrance of the beach, cameras began flashing, taking pictures of the vacationers entering and exiting the park. This particular family decided they’d prefer to relax on a beach that doesn’t invade your privacy by spying on you, photographing you without your permission and stealing your vehicle’s license plate information.

These beach-goers quickly turned around and left to find a beach that wasn’t equipped with high-powered cameras. Sadly, families cannot partake in the simplest of tasks anymore, such as vacationing without being photographed and surveyed by the government.

Below is a close-up illustrating the type of cameras being used by the South Padre National Seashore.

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