Bonnie Gonzalez
News 8 Austin
May 21, 20099

The federal government has proposed a program to identify and track farm animals, and the move has some local ranchers and farmers unhappy.

[efoods]At a U.S. Department of Agriculture hearing Wednesday, more than 100 farmers and ranchers voiced their concerns, many telling the government to butt out. The hearing was part of an effort by the USDA to get feedback from food producers in Central Texas and across the country.

“We’re talking about a program that would be very costly and very intrusive,” Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Director Judith McGeary said. “You’re talking about anyone who owns, you know, a couple of backyard chickens having to report their movements to the government.”

The USDA said not every farm animal would be tracked, but rather the purpose of the National Animal Identification System program is to keep up with animals in the food supply chain.

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