Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed a new plan Wednesday to reduce the danger of shootings in the state’s schools.

The program, dubbed The School and Firearm Safety Action Plan, makes dozens of recommendations concerning school security as well as mental health.

“Here is my school and firearm safety plan to make our schools and communities safer,” Abbott said on Twitter. “Please consult this when you have questions or uncertainties about the plan. This is the beginning not the end of this discussion.”

Specific proposals include increasing the number of law enforcement officers on school grounds as well as mental health evaluations for at risk students.

Abbott’s plan likewise calls for increased active shooter and emergency response training for local communities.

Students who commit violent acts including assault could also be met with expulsion or other disciplinary action under a proposed zero-tolerance policy.

Texas lawmakers will also be asked to debate passing several pieces of legislation.

One such law would allow families, school administrators or police to petition that a potentially dangerous individual be kept from owning firearms after legal due process, while another would require that proper authorities be alerted within 48 hours of any change to a persons’ legal ability to own a gun.

The cost of the full plan is expected to be around $110 million. Roughly $70 million in funds has reportedly already been made available.

“This plan is a starting point, not an ending place,” Abbott said. “It provides strategies that can be used before the next school year begins to keep our students safe when they return to school. This plan will make our schools safer and our communities safer.”

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