Lone Star Watchdog
August 5, 2011

Hearing about the new Super Congress being imposed on us sounds like the Supreme Soviet under the communist system in Russia. We do not need a super congress. This new creation outside the Constitution does not exist and violates the separation of powers since the President sits on a new committee that will circumvent our republican form of government. So what solution do the people of Texas have? Very simple solution sets us free from the chains of Washington DC.

That is secession from the union. Texas is the only state that exists only by treaty compared to other state. We are the 10th largest economy in the world and have every characteristic of being our own republic that can sustain itself. Since the war of northern aggression, Abe Lincoln was President waging a confrontation against the south. Texas has been subjugated to every tyrannical law from Washington DC after reconstruction that has eroded the rights of Texans to self-government.

We are not using today as an excuse to secede. It has been a long time coming since 1913 when the Federal Reserve act, the 16th and 17th amendment illegally were ratified. No laws ever since that year have been good for Texas. Texas has been forced under the heavy hand of an out of control Federal government. The 16th amendment has been robbing Texas through taxes. The 17th Amendment has taken away the state legislators any form of representation in the US government by appointing US Senators. With the Federal Reserve Act, we have become slaves to a debt-based currency that will subject our children and grandchildren to a lifetime of involuntary servitude.

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Now with the new debt deal that will create massive hyperinflation as long we use this Federal Reserve Note as our means of exchange of good and services. Government will go into further debt 2.4 trillion dollars that bring our total national debt over 16 trillion that exceeds the GDP. What is worse is the creation of a super congress that I see as a Star Chamber committee that will over ride the will of the people. This is more of a threat to the sovereignty of Texas than any other law on the books. We can see the worse laws coming out of this committee. We can see tax increases and paying carbon taxes. Our right to keep and bear arms and the abolition of private property ownership in is peril too by this unaccountable committee. Do not forget small family farms and ranches are under attack by the USDA and the FDA. The FBI and the BATF harass gun Shops. We cannot build new coal powered plants, drill our own oil and build new refineries because of the EPA stands in the way. Small Businesses are bearing the burden with draconian regulations by every alphabet soup agency out of Washington DC. Why do we Texans put up with this?

When I seen the US Justice Department twist the arms of state senators threatening a siege over Texas air space because we would have forbidden the TSA from groping people at the airports. That means it is time to leave the union. It is time we have a fresh start free from the heavy hand of Washington DC. The day we declare our independence is a new beginning. It is the day we are free from Federal tyranny and our right to self govern is restored. Texas will lead the world once we are free. When the TSA is gone from Texas, I can see Texas be a major transcontinental travel hub between the Atlantic and the Pacific continents when the federal goons committing legalized sexual assault are no more. Many international travelers will love it. We can have an interest free currency back by a tangible commodity with no usury. We can start over with a clean slate. Secession will be a day of jubilee.

State rights and state sovereignty will not work. It will take well over 100 years to repeal all the bad laws on the books until our government is back in the confines of the Constitution. That would be one hell of a fight not worth our time. The other choice is Texas secession and start over. Do you agree? Independence or a Dictatorship we will live under either way. The choice is which one will govern us or will we self govern.

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