Border Patrol agents arrested a staggering 1,900 illegal immigrants in South Texas over the weekend.

The extremely high number of arrests took place in the Rio Grande Valley, the busiest US sector for illegal crossings.

Among the illegals arrested throughout the valley, most of whom were from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, at least one was confirmed to be an MS-13 gang member.

A Customs and Border Protection agent who spoke to local news blamed the spike on human smugglers.

“The smugglers don’t care for the individuals they’re crossing, all they care about is the money. They see these as a commodity, not as people,” CBP Agent Marcelino Medina told

RGV Sector Chief Manuel Padilla, Jr. confirmed that on Saturday alone agents foiled 27 human smuggling attempts, in addition to busting shipments of 2,500 pounds of marijuana.

The journey took a deadly turn for some immigrants, whose bodies and skeletal remains have been located on the banks of the Rio Grande River.

“Just this weekend, Border Patrol Agents discovered two skeletal remains and then recovered one body in the Rio Grande,” Medina told Valley Central. “Plus, this (Monday) morning, Border Patrol Agents found the body of a deceased person in a canal in Mission. The cost of them coming to the United States should never be their life.”

For the ones who successfully made the journey, it’s possible they’ll be released into the US and never heard from again.

In a 2014 Infowars exclusive, a Rio Grande Valley city attorney told our cameras Border Patrol agents were dropping illegals off at the McAllen bus terminal after processing, and providing them vouchers and bus tickets allowing them to travel further into the US.

In exchange for the vouchers, illegals are given a date to appear at immigration court, but the court dates are set months, sometimes several years in advance and 90% of illegals never show up to court.

News of the arrests in Texas comes a week after members of the migrant caravan engaged in violent clashes with Border Patrol agents in San Diego.


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