A Fort Worth juvenile judge is expected to decide on Friday to transfer the case of America’s so-called “affluenza” teen to the adult court system, where the 18-year-old could become eligible for release on bond.

Tarrant County prosecutors and attorneys for Ethan Couch have said they expect Judge Tim Menikos to transfer probation supervision to adult court for his conviction in juvenile court for killing four people while driving drunk in 2013.

A psychologist testifying on Couch’s behalf said he was so spoiled that he could not tell right from wrong, describing him as being afflicted with “affluenza.” Couch received probation for causing the deaths, spurring outrage, while the affluenza defense was widely ridiculed.

Couch has been in custody since he was brought back from Mexico last month. He and his mother, Tonya Couch, fled there in December apparently to avoid Ethan Couch’s arrest for violating the probation deal that had kept him out of jail.

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