The Texas Senate is expected to a bring pro-gun open carry bill to the floor for a vote as early as Monday. The move comes after the 60-day bill filing period ended on Friday. The Texas Legislature may now vote on and pass any bills. Before the first sixty days has passed, the Legislature may only approve bills on issues designated as “emergency items” by the Governor.

One bill being considered for early passage is an open carry bill written by State Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls). The bill (SB 17) which passed a committee vote earlier in the session would allow of open carry of firearms by people who have concealed handgun licenses (CHL). “I am very confident the Senate will pass the bill and we look forward to making it at the discretion of the licensee whether he is to carry concealed (or) open,” said Sen. Estes said in an article in the Amarillo Globe-News.

“Two years ago they did this in Oklahoma, and for the sheriffs this has been a non-event, no problems,” Estes said.

While covering a news story about the beheading of an office worker by a radicalized Muslim in Moore, Oklahoma, last fall, Breitbart Texas observed some residents engaged in this practice of open carrying by CHL holders. The residents told this writer they were happy with the new law in Oklahoma. “We carry openly everywhere we go and it does not cause any commotion or concern among the general public,” the Oklahoman said. “We would like to see full open carry, but this was a good step in the right direction.”

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