Texas fired back at California’s state-sponsored travel ban, with Attorney General Ken Paxton pointing out that most of the political refugees in Texas are actually from California.

The travel ban, which forbids California state workers from traveling to Texas or hosting official events in the Lone Star State with public funds, was mocked by Paxton and other Texas state officials who referred to a study revealing that most new Texans are from California.

“I talk to people almost every day who made the trek from California to Texas, and without fail, they tell me their move is due to either greater job opportunities, much lower-priced housing, an escape from a left-coast political climate, or just a better quality of culture and life,” Paxton stated.

His director of communications, Marc Rylander, added that Californians are “coming to Texas to stay, and they’re coming in droves.”

“These are great days in the state of Texas,” he continued. “We have a thriving economy, we have wonderful, wonderful places to live, greatest people, greatest food, families, football, all the things that make Texas great, and you can come here and enjoy all of that at an affordable rate.”

California’s ban, which was enacted by the state’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra, was in response to a recent Texas law allowing faith-based groups to maintain their religious beliefs while offering services in Texas’ child welfare system.

In 2015, over 550,000 people moved to Texas while California lost nearly 650,000 people, with over 10% of them going to Texas.

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