In a stunning victory in the war against radical Islam, state legislators in the Lone Star State passed a version of the much debated “American Law for American Courts” (ALAC) bill, banning Muslim Sharia law within Texas.

Sharia is the Islamic religious code governing all aspects life. It mandates death for nonbelievers, death for adulterers, death for homosexuals, crucifixion for highway robbers, amputation for petty theft, and more.

Muslim “honor killings” of women and young girls — also a Sharia practice — are occurring regularly in Texas. Read here, and here.

Both houses of the Texas legislature voted in favor of HB 45, the Texas Foreign Law Procedural Protection Act Monday, May 22, and the bill now heads to the governor’s desk for signature.

Infowars reached out to Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) for her thoughts on these new developments in Texas.

“The intention is to stop the aspects of Sharia that contradict American law from being applied here. This law should accomplish that,” Geller told Infowars.

“But, the court system is full of Leftist activist judges who disregard the law and run roughshod over the will of the people in the service of a globalist, socialist, internationalist agenda,” she said cautioning that the fight is not over.

Echoing the FBI and other law enforcement authorities, Geller suggested Texas also “require the mosques to institute programs teaching young Muslims to reject the al-Qaeda/ISIS view of Islam.”

“The mosques must be monitored,” Geller added.

Mirroring her comments on the gruesome Manchester attack, Geller pointed out that Sharia is observed not only during terrorist attacks, but also in the silence of countries hosting the Muslims who commit these atrocities.

“Sharia is always enforced after every jihad attack, as the mainstream media (or the enemedia, as I call it) whitewashes the jihadi motivations and connections of the perpetrator, and tries to portray him as a lone wolf. Texas is absolutely doing the right thing, but much more needs to be done,” Geller remarked.

Women are the main victims of Sharia’s harsh punishments, and allowing Sharia to coexist alongside Texas law (or any law) is not compassionate, Geller contends.

“It isn’t compassionate to women who are thereby subjected to Sharia’s discriminatory regulations regarding wife-beating, polygamy, divorce, inheritance, and testimony,” Geller stated.

Geller is not wrong. The Quran says:

4:34 . . . If you fear highhandedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great. (MAS Abdel Haleem, the Qur’an, Oxford UP, 2004)

The Hadith (the other Muslim holy book for which there are many versions) depicts Muhammad hitting his underage child bride, Aisha:

‘He [Muhammad] struck me [Aisha] on the chest which caused me pain.’

The UK is one of the first western European countries to openly allow Sharia “courts” to operate alongside British courts, and the consequences are alarming.

Shaykh Suhaib Hasan, the chief justice of London’s Sharia “court” made this chilling remark:

“If sharia law is implemented, then you can turn this country into a haven of peace because once a thief’s hand is cut off nobody is going to steal. Once, just only once, if an adulterer is stoned nobody is going to commit this crime at all. We want to offer it to the British society.”

ALAC In Texas: An Uphill Fight

Muslim activists vocally opposed ALAC legislation in the last two sessions, culminating in a giant protest on the steps of the state capitol building, where representatives from the terrorist-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) declared they were “above” U.S. law.

“If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch, at the Austin protest.

Protest organizers cited “the recent House and Senate bill proposals involving the implementation of ‘anti-Sharia’ legislation, where the First Amendment rights and freedoms of Muslims would ultimately be hindered.”

CAIR has a call to action on its website urging people to oppose HB 45 (ALAC).

Carroll’s statements are similar to comments allegedly made by CAIR co-founder and former chairman Omar M. Ahmad:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant” and the Quran “should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

The protesters admitted the purpose of their efforts was to defend Sharia. “We tried to downplay Sharia, because we didn’t want to give the other side any excitement for being here,” Carroll said.

The same CAIR operative is on record defending Hamas, still classified by the U.S. as a terrorist group.

“I think you can only blame Hamas for so long. It takes two to tango. And I think, you know, that what we’ve heard for a number of years is this terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, was not just Hamas,” Carroll said.

Rev. Ronnie C. Lister, a Nation of Islam radical, also spoke at Muslim Capitol Day:

“This country belongs to you. This state house is your state house. The police department is your police department,” he told the crowd. “This land is your land. … God is on your side … this is your house. [It] does not belong to the Republicans. It does not belong to the Democrats. It does not belong to just Americans. It belongs to all of us!

Quick History Of CAIR

CAIR denied Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11, even though bin Laden acknowledged his role on camera.

CAIR demanded removal of a billboard in Los Angeles that described bin Laden as “the sworn enemy,” saying that the description was “offensive to Muslims.”

CAIR called the conviction of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers “a travesty of justice.”

CAIR board member Siraj Wahhaj — who President Barack Obama invited to give the “invocation” at the DNC — is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Wihhaj once remarked, “It is my duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran.”

CAIR boasts at least seven board members or staff who were arrested, denied entry to the US, or indicted/pled guilty to terrorist charges: Siraj Wahhaj, Bassem Khafagi, Randall (“Ismail”) Royer, Ghassan Elashi, Rabih Haddad, Muthanna Al-Hanooti, and Nabil Sadoun.

(Source: Daniel Pipes, “The Moderate Friends of Terror,” Middle East Forum,

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