Kurt Nimmo
June 27, 2011

photoPhoto: Kari Sullivan.

David Bellow was told by a Texas State Representative this morning that the Texas House State Affairs Committee meeting that was scheduled for this morning has been canceled. The committee was scheduled to take up anti-groping legislation.

The special session ends tomorrow. If the legislation criminalizing TSA groping does not go before the committee today, it will not make it into law this session. An additional special session will be required to move the legislation forward or it will need to be added as an amendment to another bill.

“Unless something is brought up to the floor by Straus of via an amendment to another bill, then it seems clear that the members of the State Affairs Committee have purposely fled to prevent this legislation from moving forward,” writes Bellow on the Texas Conservative News blog.

The cancellation comes after Alex Jones announced he will hold a march on the Capitol building for a second time today to protest the sabotage of an anti-groping bill that was scheduled to receive a hearing on Friday. He will demand the government hold another special season and pass legislation preventing the TSA from molesting citizens at the state’s airports. He will call for a non-violent citizen filibuster.

Last month the federal government threatened to close down aviation in Texas if it passed an anti-TSA groping bill. U.S. Attorney John E. Murphy sent a threatening letter to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Speaker Joe Straus, the House Clerk, and the Senate Secretary.

In late May, we reported on the efforts of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to kill the bill. “Dewhurst is a creature of the federal government, having worked as a CIA agent and also served in the US State Department. He was also director of the state Task Force on Homeland Security,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote on May 26.

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