The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft was on the Alex Jones Show at InfoWars on Tuesday. The topic of the discussion was almost exclusively related to the China coronavirus and actions in the US and worldwide.

The title of the interview on InfoWars was: “Meet The Man who First Exposed the Covid-19 Hoax.”

Alex shared this because back on March 17, 2020, Jim Hoft, the creator of the Gateway Pundit, (and myself), Joe Hoft his twin brother were on with Alex Jones. We discussed the following which no one else was saying at the time – that the numbers for predicted coronavirus deaths were way overstated. We pointed out that the mortality predictions from the WHO were fraudulent.

Our discussion in March centered around this article where we pointed out the WHO’s numbers were fraudulent – Alex Jones gives us credit as being the first to expose the COVID-19 hoax.

On Tuesday Joe Hoft had his first follow up with Alex since the March discussion. Lots has happened and has been reported since then. One individual took a section of this interview and put it in a tweet. In this part of the discussion I pointed out how the actions of New York Governor Cuomo were criminal when he mandated sick COVID-19 patients be placed back in New York nursing homes. Cuomo should be investigated for murder:

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