May 15, 2010

From Voice of America News this morning:

Street fighting continues in the Thai capital, Bangkok, as anti-government protesters try to push back soldiers who have surrounded their camp. At least 22 people were killed in the last two days and at least 170 wounded.


Explosions and gunfire rang through the heart of downtown Bangkok Saturday as Thai troops and protesters demanding the government’s resignation clashed for a third straight day, turning the capital city into a war zone.

The military appears to be targeting journalists:

A fourth journalist has been shot and wounded while covering the latest clashes between the Thai army and anti-government protesters in Bangkok, one of his editors and a relative said.


Two other Thai photographers were wounded in the leg Friday, while a Canadian cameraman for the France 24 news channel was gravely wounded the same day after being hit in the leg, torso and wrist by three bullets, his employer said.

The U.S. embassy has offered to evacuate family members of its staff and has issued a travel warning advising American citizens to stay away, according to Sky News.

For up to date information on the conflict, see The Thai Report blog.


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