President Trump celebrated a two year high approval rating Tuesday by thanking his supporters and noting that he was right all along concerning the border crisis.

Trump’s approval reached 53 per cent in a new Rasmussen poll, reaching a high that he has not experienced since taking office in 2017 when his approval approached 59 per cent.

The poll found that 45 per cent of likely voters said they disapproved of Trump, down 2 per cent from the previous day.

The bump in approval comes following the end of the Mueller report which found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

The economy and employment numbers could also be another factor in the soaring approval rating. January’s unemployment rate was at just 4 percent, and by March it dropped even further to 3.8 per cent, with almost 200,000 jobs added last month.

Trump himself appears to believe that the approval bump is down to immigration.

The President noted that “everybody is now acknowledging that, right from the time I announced my run for President, I was 100% correct on the Border.”

The President also re-tweeted a report by Breitbart News that points out Trump has a higher approval than Barack Obama at this same point his presidency.

The report notes that “On April 9, 2011, a little over two years into his first term, 46 percent of those polled by Rasmussen approved of the job Obama was doing, compared to 53 percent who disapproved. That put Barry upside down by seven points.”

“So not only is Trump’s overall job approval seven points higher than Obama’s was at this same time, Trump is scoring 15 points better (-7 compared to +8) on the question of approve/disapprove and a whopping 18 points better (-17 compared to +1) on the question of strongly approve/strongly disapprove.” the report concludes.

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