Thomas DiLorenzo
December 9, 2013

This morning’s paper had a typical ad by a bankster soliciting deposits. I can’t see how anyone could pass up this deal. “Get Powerful Savings Growth!” says the ad, with exclamation mark included. How might one achieve this, one might ask? Why, by depositing at least $10,000 in the bank at .75% interest! Beware, though, that this is only a “6-Month Promotional Rate,” so you’d better act fast. Beware also that the .75% “rate is subject to change at any time without prior notice” and that unexplained “fees may reduce earnings.” And of course all such earnings will be taxed by federal, state, and in some places local governments.

“Stop by and open your account TODAY!” says the bankster who is apparently in love with exclamation marks.

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