July 9, 2012

Enough cash to pay off the national debt in 1 fell swoop, wouldn’t it be nice to find it just laying around? With the latest string of publicized government investments; GM, Solyndra, Zombie Banks, and “Green Energy” in general wouldn’t it be nice to find out they’ve actually made some good ones with our money? And even better, those investments having been made in an effort to collapse the Soviet Empire? Of course it would! Wouldn’t you guess if that were possible the same old institutions and players are actively suppressing and obstructing this money, attempting to steal it, and even just plain saying no our Government/People do not want the money?

Leo Wanta; Ambassador, Master Engraver, Intelligence Agency Treasury Agent, and Entrepreneur; a little heard of Patriot involved in 1 of the biggest financial scandals in history. Leo Wanta worked with several intelligence agencies during the Reagan Administration to undermine the Soviet Union through financial warfare. Leo Want was given a $150,000,000,000 initial investment by the US Government for this, The plan, Operation Stillpoint, was carried out under Executive Order 12333 (EO12333, UNITED STATES FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES -authorizes the establishment of Title 18 Section 6 corporations domestically and offshore. Title 18 Section 6 corporations can be owned by the U.S. government, or not, and can be run by intelligence operatives who may legally disguise their intelligence agency affiliations and can deny they exist). Many believe this Operation led to the end of the Cold War. The goal was to undermine the Soviet Economy by flooding the market with Rubles. The plan was to purchase Rubles in “above-normal” quantities through Wanta’s several 18/6 corporations for far below the standard exchange rates. During live interviews in 2006 Wanta described these purchases as being “from 18 to 23 cents on the dollar”; they would then sell the Rubles at higher rates converting them to Yen or other currencies and then they would repeat the process over and over again; and they would continue to do so until Soviet banks could no longer keep up with the pressure crashing the currency. This plan was and still is legal and the purchase of “discounted Rubles” enabled him to amass profits along with put options placed on the falling of the Soviet Currency. According to Ambassador Wanta the profits are held in offshore accounts, he mentions “the accounts were distributed throughout secret offshore accounts and had doubled in value every 2 years” Wanta’s 18/6 corporations have amassed a sum worth of $27,500,000,000,000 (Yes, that is $27.5 TRILLION). Wanta emphasizes that the initial investment has been paid back to the Treasury, and it was within 6 months. The yields of these investments were ordered by President Reagan to go back to the US Treasury, Reagan wanted this money available for the US people to be able to buy themselves out of problems that should arise from the bankers and money powers that planned to lead the country into economic chaos.

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