January 21, 2011

Big Brother telescreens at more than 9,000 locations. Naked body porno radiation scanners. PSA propaganda cranked out by the DHS spreading paranoia and the insidious proliferation of a high-tech Stasi state. Militarized police teams armed to the teeth patrolling subway platforms and bus stations as goons in latex gloves rummage through backpacks and briefcases without probable cause and in total disregard for the Fourth Amendment and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This is a snapshot of America, circa 2011, as the outside foreign banker cartel increases its stranglehold.

In response to this unfolding police state, Alex Jones announces the launch of The Answer to 1984 is 1776 Contest. The contest is intended to counter government media propaganda assaulting the American people on all levels. It is designed to keep the Web free and resist Big Brother and Big Sis. It is a delivery vehicle for the message of liberty.

We have realized victories against the TSA and on other fronts. We can do it again.

Alex Jones invites you to produce videos defending our natural rights against the onslaughts of the New World Order.

The Alex Jones Show – 1/21/11 – V for Victory Resistance Campaign Launched

Rules for the contest follow…

Although we want contestants to have complete creative freedom in the interpretation of this contest, there are some very simple rules which must be followed to ensure a valid entry.

• Contest ends: Monday, February 28. Which means you have to have your completed video uploaded to the web and have the link to that video submitted to us by that date. Late and/or incomplete entries will not be accepted.

• The video must address the police state and the disappearance of our liberties.

• “INFOWARS.COM” must be included in the titles/credits of each submission.

• All contest entries must be posted on YouTube or another public video hosting site and the URL sent to [email protected]


Winners will be determined by Alex Jones and announced on Monday, March 7, 2011.

Prizes: 1st Prize = $7,000

2nd Prize = $2000

3rd Prize = $1000

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