Yesterday we showed a chart demonstrating that while the top 10 “Unicorn” startups have a private valuation of $156 billion on just $4 billion in revenue, what caught readers’ attention is that the average employee among these 10 companies is worth a whopping $8 million.


But what about the “value” of employees at public companies, and especially at the blue chips, names such as MSFT, XOM, JPM, MCD and, the more recent trailblazers, AAPL and FB?

The answer is shown below.

At the very top we have Facebook and AAPL, whose average employee is valued at $22.5 million and $6.5 million. On the trailing end we have Caterpiller, Boeing and McDonalds, whose average employee is worth less than a million dollars, going down to just about $200,000 in the case of the world’s largest fast food giant.

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