Henry Shivley
From the Trenches World Report

May 29, 2012

In 2008 the mortgage derivative fraud/scam was discovered as the bubble burst.  The largest central banks were wiped out, literally by their own hand.  Congress surrendered its power over allocations to the Treasury Department and Henry Paulson was named Treasury Secretary.  Then the American people were told that they were going to have to replace the wealth that had been stolen through the toxic derivatives because these privately owned central banks were too big to fail, thus the failure was dumped onto the people.

$32 trillion was stolen.  $32 trillion was borrowed in the name of the American people, leaving those people in generational bonded servitude.  Now the thieves had only to collect the wealth.

Parasites, like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Eric Cantor, who are nothing more than the lapdogs of the international thieves, were left to implement a plan to remove the wealth from the people.  You see they could not just declare austerity as in theory the United States is not a socialist country.  So they began blaming the fact that our country was broke on we the people.  It was Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and food stamps that have caused the collapse, not the international theft.

When McConnell, Canter, and Ryan first started their push to go after entitlements, they were slapped down and had to back off because of the 2010 midterm elections.  Now after two years of intense propaganda they will try to make their move again.

I saw a piece the other day wherein it was portrayed that old people going on Social Security were stealing from little children.  It was said that these baby boomers had lost their money and were now going to replace it by taking from their little grandchildren.

This is the lowest lie that these despicable bastards have ever attempted to put forth.  They are blaming the baby boomers for not saving other monies to replace the monies that are to be stolen from them by the international bankers.  Let’s look at this realistically.  During the tenure of the baby boomers, they could not save large amounts of money because of the enormous withholdings coming out of their paychecks.  If they would have had those monies to save they would not need Social Security now.  But of course they had no choice in the matter.

These Social Security retirement accounts were forced on the people.  If they wanted to work, they had to pay into them.  It was their money, procured through the sweat of their brows.  That money was stolen.  And now they are being portrayed as monsters that would take from their own grandchildren to replace the money that was stolen from them by the international banks, working in coalition with the treasonous criminals within what is supposed to be our government.

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