For many, cutting out meat and/or dairy may seem like an utter death sentence, but many doctors agree that doing so, or at least reducing your consumption of animal products, can benefit your body in a number of important ways. 

A plant based diet, or a diet that is a majority plant based, can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is one of the top causes of non-communicable diseases and is a common feature in chronic illnesses.

Reducing it within your body can have an immediate positive effect on your health.

Cutting meat out of your diet completely, or at least drastically reducing it, can lead to a number of health benefits.

Studies have shown that those who follow a vegetarian diet or reduce their meat consumption, have an easier time controlling their weight, even accounting for calorie restriction, than those that do not.

There is also compelling evidence that meat, particularly red or processed, can cause cancer.

The World Health Organization has even classified these meats as a level one carcinogenic and many doctors and health advocacy groups recommend that you limit your consumption of red meat to less than three times per week twice a day.

Cutting it out completely lowers your cancer risk dramatically.

Meat, especially the kind that comes from factory farming, is often pumped with antibiotics, mercury and other heavy metals.

Avoiding meat completely can ensure that you don’t taint your body with these toxic pollutants.

Eating a vegan diet, specifically, can also improve your longevity.

It can allow you to live to a ripe old age with fewer health issues.

Lastly, a vegan, vegetarian or a diet that has reduced meat and dairy can significantly improve your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol.

Many people have been able to get their blood pressure within a healthy range without taking medication, simply by switching to a well planned vegan or vegetarian diet.

Many vegan and vegetarian foods contain high levels of potassium and B6, which animal products do not always contain.

These important nutrients play a key role in keeping your blood pressure in check.

Plant food, specifically vegetables, nuts and whole grains, can also lower your cholesterol, which in turn, lowers your risk for a heart attack, heart disease and other issues negatively associated with a less healthy diet.

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