The Internet has gone berserk after a theory popped up online, claiming that it might have found the reason behind the Bermuda Triangle mystery, and it all points out to hexagonal shaped clouds. However, NBC meteorologist Kevin Corriveau is not convinced at all.

Talking on Science Channel’s “What on Earth?’ series, a pair of meteorologists claim that hexagonal or honeycomb clouds floating above the area is responsible for the sudden disappearance of boats and planes in the 500,00 square mile triangle located in the Atlantic Ocean. The said triangle connects Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Showing a satellite image of the hexagonal clouds above the east part of the Bermuda Triangle, Dr. Randy Cervery, one of the theorists, said that these honeycomb clouds could be considered “air bombs.” These clouds, as Live Science notes, range from 20 to 55 miles.

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