As Alex Jones explains, the Bernie Sanders plan for America is nothing more than a placebo. His unworkable and deceptive economic palliatives will only mask the serious economic plague eating away at America.

Designed to have instant appeal to the unlettered masses, the Bernie Sanders agenda is predicated on goodies—free college eduction, almost free healthcare—freebies that are not free because labor and resources are not free, they must be extracted from wealth.

Sanders’ rhetoric targets the ultra-wealthy and stirs up envy and resentment. But as Jones points out, all the accumulated wealth of the super-rich will not pay for the goodies promised.

The Sanders agenda will require higher taxation and confiscation from millions of middle class Americans and an unprecedented transfer of wealth to the lower middle class and impoverished. This will invariably result in accelerating the process already underway of converting America into a third world hellhole on par with Mexico.

Conspicuously absent from the Sanders plan is the only workable economic remedy—the dismantlement of the Federal Reserve and a return to sound and solid monetary policies based on real money, not inflated and elastic fiat currency.

Envy and class warfare will not save America. Disempowering the bankers and ending the looting by transnational corporations and preventing them from buying up Congress are the only sound and sane solutions.

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