Like most people around the country, you or your family members have likely been hit with the dreaded cold or flu. Although there isn’t much you can do except wait it out, there are a few essential oils that can help make your time a little more tolerable using only natural ingredients. 

When using essential oils, however, it is important to follow the instructions and to dilute them with a carrier oil as using them on their own can be far too potent.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will need to speak with your doctor before using an essential oil regime.

According to the renowned naturopath Dr. Axe, eucalyptus essential oil is phenomenal for helping clear your sinuses when you can’t breathe.

This natural remedy allows you to skip the heavy over the counter drugs and decongest safely.

In order to reap the benefits of this essential oil, combine in with steam.

You can place a towel in hot water and add a little bit of eucalyptus essential oil to the towel and place on your face to open up your sinuses.

Additionally, you can take a hot, steaming bath with a little bit of this oil stirred in it to open up your airways.

Pine essential oil can also help open up the sinuses, in addition to helping relieve throat pain if used internally.

The pine essential oil should be used similarly to the eucalyptus essential oil described above.

You can also place a little bit of diluted pine tree essential oil on your hands and sniff it to help draw the congestion out of your lungs.

Congestion can cause pretty bad headaches, which many try and resolve with over the counter painkillers.

While these may help, too many of them can cause a lot of damage to your liver.

Instead, try adding peppermint essential oil to a warm bath to help soothe your headache.

You can also place the diluted essential oil onto your fingertips and massage the oil into your temples, instantly relieving some of the pain experienced by being stopped up for far too long.

For those who find showers help decongestion, you can also place a rag with the essential oils dripped on it at the bottom of your shower while you bathe. This will also help draw out sickness and relieve some of the pain associated with it.

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