Here are some of the best memes of the CNN meme war spearheaded by Infowars:

#1 Trump Bodyslams CNN

The meme that started an international war, 2017’s cyber-shot heard ’round the world set in motion a series of events that will be remembered long into the future. President Trump dropped this MOAB on CNN in what has become one of his all-time most popular tweets. The enraged Fraud News Network would go on to hunt down and forcefully extort a public apology from its creator in an unprecedented move of journalistic terrorism – prompting a furious backlash from the anti-globalist troll army.

#2 – Matrix Meme

The official winner of the $20,000 Infowars CNN Meme War Contest, this masterpiece features President Trump as Neo from The Matrix – the ultimate in redpill cinema. Neo Trump freezes #FakeNews attacks in their tracks before calmly dominating the Agents of the deep state and globalist elite and exposing them for the cowards they are.

#3 – Dankheart

William “Trump” Wallace, a heroic patriot warrior, charges into battle leading an army of his most loyal and trusted MAGA soldiers, where they wage savage hand-to-hand combat with the dark forces of the mainstream media.

#4 Donald Goldberg

Donald Goldberg makes a raucous entrance into Monday Night Raw before delivering a devastating ‘Jackhammer’ vertical suplex to CNN, blasting both fighter and foe through the floor as a delirious #CrookedHillary cheers him on.

#5 Rick and Memetic Warfare

Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson and Owen Shroyer deliver the play-by-play as a sad Pepe the Frog runs over the Fake News Outlet.

#6 The Maestro vs. CNN

Maestro Trump plays CNN and the rest of the fake news like a fiddle. Never forget – Donald Trump has been in the public spotlight since before many media hacks were out of their diapers – he knows how to make them dance, sing, and scream like babies whenever he feels like it. CNBC estimated that Trump generated nearly $5 billion in free media coverage during his presidential campaign.

#7 Indiana Trump

A sword-wielding Arab from a failed state on the Travel Ban List is no match for Indiana Trump and the Second Amendment.

BONUS: President Trump directly addresses The Great CNN Meme War during a press conference in Poland.

Below are compilations of many more of the incredible creations for the CNN Meme War.

Tell us your favorites in the comments.

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