Terrorism, economic strife and illegal immigration all pale in comparison to Government when it comes to problems America is facing in 2017, according to most of its citizens.

A new Gallup poll shows that one in four Americans say the biggest problem facing the country today is its government.


The next biggest problem cited by Americans is terrorism, a whopping 17 percentage points behind.

Government is seen as a bigger problem than general moral decline by SIX TIMES as many people, according to the findings, while education woes were cited by eight times fewer Americans.

The 25% figure represents an increase of seven percentage points from just a month ago, and according to Gallup marks the highest rating since November 2013, when 26% cited government as the biggest problem in the country, following a partial shutdown.

The survey found that Democrats are more likely to think government is the biggest problem currently. However, almost double the amount of Republicans on last month now see government as the worst problem.

Gallup notes that While President Trump was specifically mentioned by many Democrats, Congress, the Democratic Party and politics in general were cited by most.

“Dissatisfaction with government has ranked among the top problems in Americans’ eyes in recent months, but the percentage naming it as the top overall problem has grown, nearly to an all-time high.” Gallup states.

The pollster speculates that “greater media attention” being placed on the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory may be a factor, but also states “Republicans’ rising dissatisfaction” could be down to “anger at Democrats in Congress for their steadfast opposition to Trump.”

Gallup concluded that dissatisfaction on both sides of the political spectrum will mean “heightened pressure on representatives,” as well as “continued opposition to legislation the GOP proposes” from Democrats, and further consequent “Republican dissatisfaction”.

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