Jurriaan Maessen
June 19, 2012

As the Olympics approaches, premonitions of impending doom and mass terror-attacks will dominate a large part of the alternative media. Already the internet is abuzz with countless videos, pointing to a vast Illuminate plot climaxing into a disastrous false flag attack this summer. If you believe in Illuminati-driven predictive programming prefacing the Olympic Games of 2012, the following video created by a Chinese broadcaster will be an elaborate dish to fill the stomach:

“Whatever is disclosed to the public”, Alan Watt said, “is actually obsolete in a sense.” Knowing that people are animals of habit, the elite routinely weaves concepts into dramatic expressions, such as film, radio, and now the virtual reality online. In the case of the many announcements of impending doom prefacing the Olympics popping up all over the internet, I believe we are dealing with a very subtle strain of programming, largely distributed with the aim of preparing people not for any apocalyptic event unfolding but rather to raise expectations to such an unprecedented level that many well-meaning truth seekers will eventually hit themselves on the head, and subsequently disengage themselves from the arena. When the dreaded Games have come and gone with the stars unshaken and the sky unchanged- and rest assured they will be after the summer- another objective will have been accomplished: the inevitable anti-climax will do more damage to the truth than any apocalyptic event foreboded. A recent example of such “reversed predictive programming” is operation Blackjack.

Operation Blackjack

In January of 2009, the London Telegraph began featuring several graphics under the name operation blackjack. The images themselves are artistically inferior, depicting major ‘terrorist’ attacks both in Europe and the continental United States.


But the artistry- or lack of it- is less interesting than the intent. In the vulgar display we witness a plethora of horrific events across the globe, igniting not only utter chaos and devastation but also a “Union of North America” (UNA), created to combat the calamities and consolidate an Anglo-American government with extraordinary authority over its people. One aspect of the gallery that is especially intriguing is the abundance of Illuminate-symbols with which the pictures have been spray painted: several references to a “New Dawn”; a policeman wearing a Nazi-style eagle on his hat accompanied by the new flag under which the “Union of North America” (UNA) operates; the eye, the sun, a snake biting its own tale.

As to the identity of the “artist” responsible for the macabre series, journalists at the UK Telegraph remained strangely silent. Considering MI5 and MI6 are known for planting messages in the bloodstream of mass media, we may speculate that Blackjack was devised to pursue some kind of objective.


For those unfamiliar with operation blackjack, here’s a short summary of the playbook: beginning on June 21 (2009), a van with the ominous “New Dawn Presentations” painted on the side pulls up in front of a building. At the same time London police are put on high alert as they move to raid the homes of several “terror suspects”. On the early morning of the following day, it begins. Pandemonium. Nukes go of in every major city in the Northern hemisphere and a grim sequence of “attacks” commences. All major cities fall victim to exploding mini-nukes, leaving once familiar and thriving communities in utter ruin. One graphic shows two men bent over their desk gasping at the sight of the events unfolding and proclaiming their readiness to moving into “phase 2”. In the following weeks Martial Law is being implemented in both Britain and the United States, inevitably resulting in all-out tyranny. Finally, in the fifth episode of the curious mini-drama, the true perpetrators behind the attacks are exposed as the UNA-people themselves, false-flagging their way towards their endgame: global government.

At first glance the picture gallery seems to depict nothing but poorly illustrated mushroom clouds and other archetypal images of doom towering over familiar landmarks. As the months drew on, the story evolves as the emerging super state replaces the initial horror of the “attacks”. This also very meticulously follows the plausible storyline of problem-reaction-solution, where government creates the terror, the people demand action, and the state subsequently strips the last shreds of freedom from the people.

The operation blackjack hype is as intriguing as it is cunning: besides the obvious storyline- roughly following a 9/11-type scenario- mysterious messages are embedded within the picture show, instilling in the viewers a sense of being inside an action thriller- the lead character solving complex riddles as he races from phone booth to phone booth in an attempt to prevent anything apocalyptic from occurring. This sense of embarking on a grand quest combined with the need to figure out what on earth it all means is not altogether unexplainable or unfounded. It is true that major drills (also planned to prepare for the Olympic Games) could indeed be used to thicken the fog of war, deliberately confusing the participants to the point of paralysis- as they did on 9/11. Besides, the famous Lone Gunmen episode where a remote controlled plane attempts to crash into the World Trade Center building created a very real precedent of announcements of false flag operations to come. But why were the gruesome images of the blackjack-series being accompanied by such specifics: dates, places, names?

If it is indeed a case of predictive programming we were dealing with (or an obscure branch of the science) than its designers leave little for the imagination to chew on. Could it be, as some believe, a warning beforehand consistent with the tendency of the elite to throw out lengthening shadows on events to come? Assuming the Olympic Games will proceed without chaos erupting outside, there must be some alter motive behind all this apocalyptic prefacing, bringing your household predictive programming one step further into the bizarre. One may describe most of these Blackjack-premonitions, just like the current Olympic ones, as brilliantly constructed bear-traps, specifically devised by the elite as a vacuum into which a great part of genuine energy may be dumped to whither and die. It is a very dark science at its core, which has been perfected by social engineers throughout the centuries. The trap I am speaking of may be classified under the great and complex umbrella of predictive programming. But then again it’s hardly your household programming of the predictive kind, brought to you by the big foundations. Classic predictive programming is usually set in motion to desensitize a target audience to a concept, a possibility, or an event- so when an idea is finally introduced into society, or when an event actually occurs, they have been carefully foreshadowed, pre-programmed you might say, in the minds of people. In this case we appear to be dealing with a new and improved version of predictive programming, as the target audience is not so much desensitized to real events underway, but rather to the anticipated event not coming to pass.

Could it be a classic example of the boy-who-cried-wolf principle, where impending doom is being announced so many times without follow-up, that a warning of the real event goes completely unnoticed? From the elite’s perspective, it is a brilliant way to make sure people ignore their gut instincts when an impending false flag is actually underway. Mixing in the very real threat of false flag attacks- even exposing the real terrorists as blackjack does- makes the operation especially cunning. False announcements contaminate the truthful messages planted alongside them. As a result the baby (false flag ops) is thrown away with the bathwater (the specifics)- and the book is closed until the next real event occurs.

It is therefore more than likely that the entire blackjack hoax was a well-crafted psyop directed specifically at those who are already aware of the reality of false flag operations. Admitting that such operations do indeed exist, the operatives provide precise dates and places, inspiring their target audience to enter a forest of details like mice trapped in a maze. That’s why the operation is so elaborate in its details. The people who are being lured inside the maze find a fresh clue around every corner, directing them to the next clue and the next and so on, until he is so far in he can no longer discern the contours of the maze he is trapped in. The specifics therefore function as blinders for the truth seeker, obscuring the big picture and exhausting him in the process.

We have to hand it to the architects of the game. By every so often planting easily decipherable hexadecimal codes into the maze, and overloading the whole thing with an explosion of symbolic confetti, the elite keeps the viewers guessing as they grasp at every clue that is laid in front of them.

Desensitizing people to messages of apocalypse without it occurring, makes people understandably weary of making such predictions in the future. Those who will not idly postpone doomsday to some later date will chastise themselves for having been so credulous. They will certainly think twice before allowing themselves to be fooled again, and subsequently disengage themselves from the battle for liberty forever. In the end the viewers sit down underneath a tree, completely exhausted from their quest, and realize that the predicted date they focused on has long since past without anything occurring. As a result, they will think twice about following clues again lest they will embark on another such wild goose chase. And then, when a large part of the awoken has turned to other matters, the globalists can commence with their next false flag attack in full impunity.

So beware of voices saying the upcoming Games in London will be the scene of massive explosions by some activated al-Qaeda sleeper cell. Good chance you are lured into yet another trap by the social engineers.

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