The false statements the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made during the current Ebola outbreak are almost too numerous to mention, but here are some of the worst which point to the agency’s sheer ignorance and stupidity:

Yet the U.S. also had an international traveler by the name of Thomas Eric Duncan who spread Ebola to two nurses who treated him in Dallas, Texas, which brings us to this tweet by the CDC’s Director, Dr. Tom Frieman:

That obviously never happened.

But on the CDC’s very own web site, the agency states that Ebola, a “dangerous and exotic” virus, necessitates containment in “Biosafety Level 4″ labs observing the “highest level of biological safety,” which excludes the vast majority of U.S. hospitals.

Dr. Frieden exhibits overconfidence… or sheer stupidity.

And 2+2=5.

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