A group of activists are spreading information about government cover-ups in chalk on the streets of Denmark, which has led to two of its members being charged with crimes despite their activities being completely legal.

The Chalk Bandits, as the group is known, are using their messages in chalk to attract many like-minded patriots to come out and join them, but now they have attracted the attention of the government.

“To write messages on public sidewalks using chalk is legal, but the police are trying repeatedly to stop us even though they have no right to do so,” one of the group’s members, Nina Andersen, said. “Now they have charged me, and my colleague, with writing messages to the public with chalk in front of the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg.”

“A chalk bandit is spreading good energy, spreading information about what is going on and exposes the truth to the people.”

The Chalk Bandits have a group page on Facebook.








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