On Thursday The Palm Beach Post reported a M92 semi-automatic pistol used in the Paris terror attack was traced back to Century International Arms in Delray Beach, Florida.

Century buys and resells military grade surplus firearms. It specializes purchasing weapons overseas and reselling them to dealers.

In 2011 secret diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks indicated the company was involved in selling weapons to “unauthorized brokers” and an Israeli arms dealer acted as a frequent middleman in illegal transfers.

The company has a history of engaging in shady operations. The Center for Public Integrity reported in 2011 that Romanian WASR-10 rifles (a Kalashnikov variant) produced by Century International Arms were found at crime scenes in Mexico. The weapons were said to be “a favorite of the Mexican drug cartels and in recent years hundreds of them have been traced to crimes in Mexico.”

The Post reported at least seven of the weapons used or discovered after the November 13 attacks in Paris have been identified as being produced by a factory located in central Serbia owned by Century International Arms.

Iran-Contra Link

During the Iran-Contra affair in the late 1980s longtime Century Arms employee and a former policeman, John Rugg, told a U.S. Senate committee the company was involved in supplying arms—including rockets and grenades—to the Contras in Nicaragua.

During his testimony Rugg said the company had dealings with Richard Secord, the USAF major general who worked with the CIA on the secret and illegal bombing raids against the Pathet Lao during the Vietnam War.

Secord resigned from the military in 1983 after allegations of improper dealings with former CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson. He then became involved with Lt. Col. Oliver North in the transfer of weapons to the Contras.

During his trial in 1989 North admitted Operation Tipped Kettle supplied weapons to the Contras–in violation of the Boland Amendment–and the operation was put into motion by CIA director William Casey and Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.

The M92 linked back to a company that had dealings with Secord and the CIA is not definitive proof the agency was behind the terror attack in Paris. It does, however, make a circumstantial case the agency was involved in providing the weapons.

There is a wealth of evidence showing that the CIA has created, funded, supported and armed terror groups, the most notable being the Afghan Mujahideen that became both al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

“Despite its name, the Central Intelligence Agency’s main purpose is, and has always been, carrying out covert operations involving economic warfare, rigged elections, assassinations and even genocide,” writes Mark Zepezauer. “The litany of illegal, murderous CIA activity is enough to chill the bones of anyone who cares about liberty and justice.”

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