Perhaps instead of lying after every act of Jihad and saying that Islam is a religion of peace and that terrorists are perverting Islam, Obama and his cohorts should tell the truth and express the fact that these horrific acts are sanctioned by Islamic dogma.


Maybe Obama’s outrage should be directed at the culture of hate and intolerance that is at the heart of much of Islamic culture.

As the first president with a Muslim background, Obama is in a unique position to work with Muslim leaders to help reform Islam.

How many more acts of violent Jihad must we see?

The CIA estimates that 15% of the millions of migrants flowing into Europe are Jihadis. That means hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists are being Delivered to the West.

The global planners bringing massive numbers of these jihadists into Europe are the same leaders who say we must give up our liberty and wage endless war to fight radical Islam.

Those who point out this bizarre contradiction and the obvious dangers of mass migration are unfairly demonized as racist.

There seems to be no political will to halt immigration of radicals, so maybe the source of their radicalism can be addressed.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is boldly risking her life to expose the true nature of Islam and propose the reforms necessary to update the religious doctrine so it is compatible with a tolerant, free, 21st century society.

Raised to be a devout Muslim, she knows that Islamic teachings at their core sanction misogyny, homophobia and violent Jihad.

Of course, the vast majority of Muslims are not overtly violent, but they accept the dogma in which violent, oppressive acts are based upon as Gospel.

Hundreds of millions of Muslims live in countries where homosexuals are hanged and women are stoned to death as official policy.

Hundreds of millions of Muslims believe the death penalty is a just sentence for victimless “sins” like drawing a picture deemed blasphemous or leaving the faith.

The Catholic Church burned heretics before the Reformation, Islam is stoning them to death Today.

Torquemada was once seen as a defender of the faith. Those who defend the brutal and unjust Sharia system must become relics of the past just like the infamous inquisitor.

Bombs cannot win this war. Without the acceptance of the ideas which form the legal and moral basis of contemporary Western societies, a cataclysmic clash of cultures is inevitable.

Ali calls on the Western world to end its appeasement of the Islamists.

In her book “Heretic- Why Islam Needs Reformation”, Ali brilliantly and valiantly lays out a plan to do no less than remedy one of the greatest threats to humanity.

“Islam is not a religion of peace,” she writes. It is the Muslim reformers who need our backing, not the opponents of free speech.

We are witnessing the self-inflicted death of the West.

The richest Muslim countries in the middle east are taking Zero refugees. The Saudis created, funded and fostered radical Islam for a century with impunity, helping to create the current disaster the world is facing.

Obama is attacking US Governors who oppose accepting migrants despite the fact that these refugees from his war zones certainly include anti American sympathizers and even Jihadists.

Why is there no pressure being put on affluent Arab countries by the West to accept these loving ‘migrants’?

France claims they are “Not Afraid”, yet they are giving away the very freedoms the terrorists supposedly hate, and as if in a suicide pact with the Jihadis, they are turning the City of Lights into a City of Fear.

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