Bill Muehlenberg
December 7, 2009


In 1982 Professor Robert Nisbet wrote a book called Prejudices: A Philosophical Dictionary. In his section on “Environmentalism” he said this: “Environmentalism is now well on its way to becoming the third great wave of the redemptive struggle in Western history, the first being Christianity, the second modern socialism.”

He went on to describe the religious and messianic nature of the environmental movement. We are now seeing the full-blown expression of this in the Church of Climatology and the current religious ritual known as the Copenhagen Summit.

The Green zealots and the true believers in man-made climate change have all the fervour and devotion of any religious believer. And we are seeing this all played out big time this week in Copenhagen. And of course the mainstream media choir are following right along with all this.

The MSM is as agog with the Copenhagen Cult as it is silent on Climategate. Fortunately the alternative media has been performing brilliantly as the MSM blackout continues. Melbourne columnist Andrew Bolt for example reports that his blog has gone from 1 million hits a month to 2 million. The upturn came last month, when he started extensively covering the Climategate scandal.

[efoods]And as the Climategate scandal becomes more and more well known to the general population, we see evidence of a backlash. For example, after the heady week for the Australian Liberals just recently, many predicted a big swing against them at Saturday’s two bye-elections.

We were told that Tony Abbott’s hardline stance on climate change and an ETS would cost him dearly at the ballot box. But nothing of the sort has occurred. The two liberal candidates in Melbourne and Sydney easily won their seats. And the latest Newspoll survey found that Kevin Rudd dropped by 5 percentage points as preferred Prime Minister, while Abbott gained 9 points on Turnbull.

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