Marcus and Katie
Planet Infowars
Oct. 4, 2013

Since the birth of PlanetInfowars, Greater Raleigh Resistance has been leading the charge in local activism here in the capital city of North Carolina via a campaign designed to bring the issues directly to our local government. The resistance has led us to the Raleigh City Council Chambers on the first Tuesday of every month for over a year. Freedom Lovin’ Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday ( ) has evolved from the days of the Raleigh City Council toasting the mass poisoning of the citizens of Raleigh ( ), into a sustained campaign resulting in a feature-length documentary( ) and some modest successes in moving Raleigh towards liberty, like ending
CLEI membership.

Resistance is persistence and Greater Raleigh Resistance is persistent with a multifaceted approach to exposing the fascist agenda of UN Agenda21 and the gradual take-over of our society by a technocratic elite. One approach is my campaign for the Raleigh City Council.

As I’ve said before, the Resistance is just getting started. Take Control of Your Local Governments. It is where the rubber meets the road… and you are the highway (or bikepath, if you prefer).

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