This will be ugly. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filled his investigative team with longtime Clinton supporters. Disgusting Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham are holding hands with far left counterparts like Democrat Senator Cory Booker to expand Mueller’s investigative powers against Trump.

And now Mueller, who has already leaked how he is actively looking into POTUS Trump’s private business dealings (a violation of his scope of duties as Special Counsel by the way) has tipped off the media that a Grand Jury has already been convened days earlier. Donald Trump is the political equivalent of Jon Snow at the Battle of the Bastards: surrounded by enemies and slowly being crushed by those who would see his threat to the longstanding status quo utterly destroyed.

The Establishment will now spend the next 48-hours breathlessly making comparisons to Trump and Richard Nixon, pummeling the idea into the collective heads of Americans that the POTUS actually did something wrong despite there still being ZERO evidence he actually has.

For eight years Barack Obama gave billions to political supporters via tax-payer funded slush funds under the guise of “green energy” or “stimulus” and nothing was done. He armed the drug cartel who then killed law enforcement agents on both sides of the U.S. – Mexico border and nothing was done. He used the IRS to go after political opponents and nothing was done. He paid hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to the #1 state sponsor of terrorism and nothing was done. He helped to arm ISIS and nothing was done. He repeatedly lied about the Benghazi Massacre and nothing was done. He colluded with the Clinton campaign to try and defeat Donald Trump and nothing was done.  And on and on and on.

Three weeks earlier D.C. Whispers went live with this headline:

Senior Member of Congress Warns “Trump Will Be Taken Out Suddenly & We Can’t Stop It.” 

It included this video:

The story went viral. Some argued it was too reactionary – that Trump was doing fine and the effort to end his time as POTUS was being exaggerated.

Once again those few detractors are proven wrong. The D.C. Swamp has every intention of finishing the job. Donald Trump is not of the swamp. He threatens the status quo. That status quo is both Democrat and Republican and they would see him gone.

All POTUS Trump has between his success and their failure is YOU – the American people.

Will it be enough?

We shall see.

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