Lone Star Watchdog
October 26, 2011

Our history is under attack under revisionist and word smith lawyers. The very foundations that has been the vanguard of freedom is being undermined by forces from within and from without. They need to attack the founding documents that gave life to this nation we so much love. Now a bunch of sore loser legal eagles in jolly old England now say the Declaration of Independence is not a legal document, which is a bunch of lies to try to get the US back under the control of a monarchy.

The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 who later became our third President. This founding document was telling the King of England the colonies are severing their political ties and becoming a new nation. They have listed their reasons why they are leaving the British empire. The long train of abuses after peaceful petitions have failed. The Declaration is legal without question steeped in legal and biblical precedent. They appealed to the supreme ruler of the universe,the final authority in the human events of men.

The reason why this is legal is because it is based on the Magna Carta. When the Bank of England controled the British Crown. They brought an unjust monetary system upon the colonies. The Magna Carta clearly states clearly, usury is illegal. The bank of England was issuing the currency at interest which crippled the economy in the colonies. Also trial by jury and the right to habeas corpus were denied in place of star chamber proceedings. The Declaration of Independence is rooted in English Common Law that derives from the Magna Carta itself.

The Declaration of Independence was a notice to King George III that he has broken the contract with the colonist violating the Magna Carta. That declared the contract null and void by the king with usurpations violating the Magna Carta with monetary policy under the control of the Bank of England to the violations of people’s rights. The Magna Carta is the source of the Declaration of Independence which is still a legal document of the United kingdom

There is nothing to stop us from celebrating the Fourth of July. We are still a republic and not a subject to the crown anymore.The Declaration of Independence is still legal no matter how many lawyers from the British Accreditation Registry say it is not . It is ours and not the politicians to say otherwise.

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