In the fast-changing world of online news, there’s one constant: Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report. Nearly 20 years after it was launched, the site remains an undeniable powerhouse, driving millions of visitors to dozens of competing news sites each day.

To better understand and document the continuing and significant influence of The Drudge Report and its founder, Matt Drudge, Vocativ analyzed a public archive of the site maintained independently by a third party and sifted through all of the 28,499 unique links featured on the site in 2015. The Vocativ analysis reveals the site that Drudge consistently links to far more than any other: Yahoo News.

Almost 10 percent of the unique links on Drudge in 2015 (a total of 2,666) sent readers to Yahoo News. The dominance of the site on Drudge becomes even more apparent in a month-by-month analysis. In nine of the twelve months of 2015, Yahoo News was the site Drudge linked to most frequently. And that’s not even counting other Yahoo brands to which Drudge linked, such as Yahoo’s sports and finance sites.

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