Going into New Hampshire the establishment will rally behind the third place winner in Iowa, Marco Rubio.

The Washington Post, the neocon standard, the National Review, and much of the rest of the corporate media are touting Rubio’s 23.1% and seven delegates, right behind Trump’s 24.3% with the same number of delegates.

Iowa weeded out the crowded Republican field. Carson, Bush, Fiorina and the rest remained in the single digits. The former Arkansas Baptist Convention president Mike Hukabee threw in the towel Monday night. Ben Carson’s campaign said he would travel home and “get a fresh set of clothes.”

The Washington Post hailed the junior senator from Florida “for being the Trump-slayer” and declared “the Iowa results put Rubio in a strong position to break away from the crowded establishment pack and claim the mantle of alternative to Cruz and Trump,” in other words the preferred favorite of the establishment.

Fox News has relentlessly pushed Rubio. The Cruz and Trump lead “doesn’t matter much now,” Fox said on Tuesday. “It’s actually more important to take note of how well Marco Rubio did on Monday evening.” He “obviously won voters over with his argument that he’s electable,” according to Fox, and “Rubio has a compelling vision for the future of this nation. He is strong on national security and the most adept speaker.”

“As Rubio said Monday night in his speech after the results came in, people told him he had to wait his turn, but his turn is now. And with movement in New Hampshire in his favor, we could very well be starting to see the ascension of the GOP nominee.”

Gambler Ladbrokes said in an e-mailed statement Rubio is the new favorite to win the election. “This could be the first sign that the Trump bubble is about to burst,” said Matthew Shaddick, head of political odds. “The betting is now firmly pointing toward a Clinton-Rubio showdown in November.” Ladbroke and online gamblers often do a better job of predicting election results than pollsters and the media.

The first national primary in New Hampshire next Tuesday will provide the establishment and its propaganda media ample opportunity to push Rubio and Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side. It will thin the crowded Republican field and focus attention on Rubio, Cruz and Trump.

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