December 23, 2013

Following on from yesterday’s article here about the EU and its avoidance of democracy in favour of pharma lobbying, do watch VTTV’s David Dorn explaining the disgrace in more detail and advising on how to go about embarrassing these motherfuckers into acting with decency.

Now, there may be many who think that there isn’t a lot of point; that no-one in the EU is noticing. I can tell you that they certainly are.

A fellow jewel robber within the Berlaymont shared the EU parliament’s social media briefing with me yesterday. It is a report sent out by parliament detailing the most significant mentions of the European Parliament on Twitter for each day. Here is their report for Monday.

·  “The European Union ignores science and common sense by making proposals that will damage the health of smokers and vapers” Ecigarette Research (230+ mentions) http://bit.ly/1aT4RIr

·  “They just don’t get it – Commission proposal for the regulation of e-cigarettes” Counterfactual (210+ mentions)  http://bit.ly/1cLmSHV

·  “Bayer is suing Europe for saving the bees [petition]” SumofUs.org (100+ mentions today) http://goo.gl/ZVSkLY

·  “Prostitution: We need to see paying for sex as violence rather than vice” Independent (75+ mentions) http://ind.pn/1ekqOki

Top hashtags: #ep2014uk (180+ mentions) #eu (100+ mentions) #ep2014 (80+ mentions) #ecigs (75+ mentions)

A follow up e-mail received this afternoon simply said: “Same again today”.

They’re noticing, right enough. They might not like what they are seeing, but they are very aware of what is being talked about by real people.

This has always been the strength of the vaping community. Despite public health tax spongers continually pretending that objectors are merely front groups for whatever industry they are trying to destroy at any particular time, vapers are real people and can’t be ignored. Politicians are timid souls, always easily scared at the thought of bad press from bully-boy prohibitionists, but they’re far more terrified of real people holding them and their stupid pronouncements to account.

Electorate outrage – as highlighted at The Free Society today regarding what David Cameron described as the not “very sensible approach” in other areas of the Tobacco Control Directive (TPD) – is still a powerful weapon.

It’s always been clear that the TPD was a deeply corrupt document, drafted by incompetent Maltese politicians and presented to a supranational body riddled with cronyism and infested by lobbyists whose motivation is anything but health. This leaked Lithuanian lunacy is just the latest shameful episode in its ill-begotten timeline.

On the plus side, it has exposed this arrogant and insular cabal for the revolting creatures that they have always been. I do hope that those who read here and harbour a deep dislike for the bully state will find a little time to shine a light on them by doing as David Dorn suggests above.

Whichever part of this ill-considered, pharma-designed, evidence-light, propaganda-heavy, illiberal and incoherent TPD nonsense you object to, do get writing, sharing, retweeting and generally making a fuss to make EU politicians notice more than they already do.

Pile it up, people.


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