Jurriaan Maessen
April 10, 2009

The same writer who argued in an April 5th article that the popular radio talk show host Alex Jones was somehow inspirational to white supremacist cop killer Richard Poplawski, now emerges with an article called “Alex Jones exploits fear and populism, stokes paranoia and rage.” The title reflects the content. Author John Zorabedian trips and falls into the same mindless musing in which he indulged himself in the earlier article, this time arguing that cinematography constitutes a serious threat to society.

In his latest trash piece he starts out by recognising Jones’ popularity, propping up his argument that he must be regarded as a dangerous influence to impressionable minds roving the internet. Ignoring the fact that Richard Poplawski explicitly had nothing but disregard for Jones, Zorabedian begins with a “critique” of The Obama Deception, cunningly tying the idiot Poplawski in with the release of Jones’ latest film:

The trailer for The Obama Deception shown below shows us how the tone of Jones’ voice gives weight to his words. When combined with crafty imagery, music and spliced together clips of video, Jones builds up extraordinary tension.”

[efoods]Zorabedian argues in fact that everyone who uses cinematographic techniques should think twice about doing so. You never know who might next pick up a gun to cowardly execute police officers in cold blood. Zorabedian:

Watching this effective piece of filmmaking, it is hard not to have an emotional response—is it fear, hatred, anger, sadness, anxiety that we feel?

Either he argues for the removal of all musical scores and editing techniques from all future works of art, or he argues for all-out censorship of all future political documentaries. Either way, his reasoning obviously leads down a very dangerous road. He proceeds:

In this construct, President Obama is the perfect lynchpin to set off a firestorm of righteous, fearful anger. A black man from Chicago with a Muslim name and a Harvard Law degree, who came from nowhere to win the presidency in a year of chaotic disorder in the financial markets, a new president who has had to rapidly acclimate himself and insinuate himself into the small cadre of powerful people who are running the show.

Using the word “lynchpin” in this piece is awfully cunning. As if Jones never criticized Bush or Clinton and just waited for the chance to”set of a firestorm’ against the first black president of the United States. The absurd arguments to which Zorabedian resorts to place the blame on Alex Jones (including the implicit accusation of racial motivations) illustrates very effectively that there are no real arguments, only clumsy attacks. It also illustrates very nicely that it is not for nothing that the mainstream media is rapidly going the way of the dodo.




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