Documents leaked as part of the massive breach of Hacking Team have revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) bought spying software from the controversial Italian surveillance-software company.

Internal emails also included in the leak give some insight into what at least one FBI agent wanted to do with those tools: target a user of the anonymity network Tor.

In September 2014, an FBI agent who according to one email is part of an “elite” cybercrime unit, asked Hacking Team if the latest version of Remote Control System (RCS), the company’s premiere product, would be able to reveal the identifying IP address of a target using Tor.

The agent had the idea of making the target download a malicious file in order to infect his or her computer. “We will need to send him an email with a document or pdf attachement [sic] to hopefully install the scout,” the agent wrote. Here, “scout” refers to a part of Hacking Team’s software.

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