People have been attracted to apocalyptic scenarios throughout history during periods of unsettling change.

Marshall McLuhan said that in the future, we will wear our nervous systems on the outside of our bodies.

Drugs and overstimulated nervous systems are creating paranoia, but there is some greater and justified collective anxiety that is fueling this phenomenon.

We are at a nexus where technology is going to change the world, make many human jobs obsolete, completely end the concept of privacy and create artificial intelligence that will become the top of the evolutionary food chain.

Combine that with the suicidal and contradictory official policies to bomb and at the same time empower Dark Age religious fanatics whose stated goal is to drag human rights and tolerance back to an age of totalitarian repression using the most barbaric means necessary, and you have a climate where fictional visions of dystopic futures resonate with an anxious population.

Our fearless leaders denounce violence at the same time they slaughter innocent people all over the globe, lie about why we must launch new wars, boast about how many countries they are bombing, expand our nuclear arsenal and use our tax dollars to fund and arm terror groups.

The aristocracy lays a carpet of blood across the globe while they direct our outrage at selective and comparatively small scale acts of psychotic violence, many of which were inspired by their own acts of mass barbarism.

Is there mutual jealousy between the powerless savages and the powerful savages?

Are those who tell us violence is not the answer while they advocate unrelenting brutality as a panacea for every crisis simply hypocrites, or do they have disdain for humanity?

Do they hate themselves and lash out to kill the parts of them they despise?

Our future enemy is the same as our enemy of the past.

Our adversary is the hubris-filled aristocracy who have failed humanity.

They continue to exploit crisis and divide-and-conquer the world while attempting to transform their crimes into virtues in the public eye.

We live in an age of partisan zealots, corporate science dogma, establishment worship, personality cults, climate doomsday cultists and cultural missionaries and anyone who dares question the beliefs of these neo-religions is guilty of heresy and subject to inquisition and banishment.

Most of us now know that the mainstream media is a weapon designed to manufacture our consent to an agenda that is not in our best interests.

This is a controlled psychological operation forcing us to focus on events specifically chosen to stir up the emotions required to persuade.

We understand that by warping the narratives using sophisticated branding techniques, they aim to influence our opinions and bend our will to support the next war, or the new freedom-killing initiative while obfuscating the crimes of the establishment and blaming their victims.

So why do we go back to discredited media for information when they have been exposed as corporate and state propagandists?

We have the whole world at our fingertips.

Don’t let the enemy tell us what is important.

The purpose of propaganda is to paralyze individual thought and condition us to act as a mass.

A portrait that incarnates the idea of what they want us to destroy is created.

We can then direct our hatred at targets assembled from our primal fears and failures.

Our private demons become these official, public targets.

The false God of tech delivers these messages to us and gives us illusions of power and choice while hijacking our minds.

Consensual paranoia ensures that imagined enemies become real enemies as the reactionary cycle of violence descends into a tragic, never ending loop.

Social media platforms are also used as forums to disseminate official narratives, bury dissent and incite division.

In these digital Dannemoras, we are encouraged to fight with each other like prisoners for the amusement of the guards.

These are places where the worst of human frailties are on constant display and the intimate details of our lives are transformed into commodities to be traded in ways to which we are never privy.

In the future, even our thoughts will be public property.

Our next stop is a 21st century promised land.

A world where war is permanent, but “humanitarian”.

A time when corporations and governments enjoy liberty, but the people do not.

A technological Gilded Age, filled with wonders beyond our comprehension.

All we need surrender to arrive is privacy, freedom, conscience and ultimately, free will itself.



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