John Galt
September 7, 2011

What would one say if the two most powerful leaders in the West, the proverbial free capitalist world, have never held a job in private industry, never signed the front of a check, and spent their childhood and collegiate years studying under professors and affiliations who studied and professed the ideals of Communism and Karl Marx? That is the unique situation the European Union and United States of America find themselves in this very day. As the crisis in crony capitalism and attempts at a command and control economy begin to fail once again, the results are entirely predictable, especially when one takes the time to review the historical backgrounds of the world leaders involved in determining the fate of the West.

Angela Merkel might have a substantive and well scrubbed internet presence like her American counterpart, yet the truth always seems to leak out of those crevices from the former Iron Curtain nations and the now evaporating records of the Soviet Union’s Eastern bloc nations. Unfortunately for Ms. Merkel, her biography is still available and while the history might be revised and re-written on the most searched internet sites, the truth shall be set free. The future of the European Union, the grand experiment of fiscal irresponsibility and fiat central banking run amok, is in the hands of someone who has never actively participated in capitalism, much less educated within a system that taught basic capitalist economics or fundamentals; not even Keynesian theory.

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