Bryan DiTolvo
March 26, 2010

Surfing the net over my cup of coffee, I dug up a mainstream article that painted a grim picture of American mental health. According to USA Today, the number of Americans taking antidepressants in 2005 was 27 million people, or 10% of the entire population of our country – and this was five years ago, before the government looted our economy. The 2005 number doubled from 1996, so I hesitate to imagine what it’s at now.

Welcome to the future — pop a pill and have a nice day.

Since depression is caused by stress, I figured I’d dust off a dictionary and find out what stress was. Of course I had a general idea, but I wanted an exact definition. It turns out that stress is “the consequence of the failure of an organism “human or animal” to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined.”

Now it makes sense. First we were subjected to 9/11 and Iraq War II, two imagined threats that our own government made actual by carrying out a false flag operation and playing the role of the ruthless warlord aggressor. Next, that same government turned the U.S. into a surveillance grid prison planet, shattering our personal privacy along with the Bill of Rights this country was founded on. Always under the electronic eye, we have become suspects in our own homes and streets, in the places we shop and work. And it’s not a game – the authority on the other end of those cameras has the power to lock us in a dark dungeon and throw away the key.

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At this level of stress, it’s a wonder any of us can still form a coherent sentence. We should be drooling in our cereal bowls, vacant eyes gazing out the kitchen window at the heavily chemtrailed sky. The reason many of us are still sane has more to do with pharmaceuticals than emotional fortitude, but this is to be expected. Aldous Huxley spelled it out for us in Brave New World – the future will be medicated. In 1984, Orwell described a dystopia which thrived on madness, where nervous breakdown was the watchword and citizens grew old before their time. Welcome to the future – pop a pill and have a nice day.

But what kind of sanity do pharmaceuticals provide? The drugs themselves are often times more dangerous than the conditions they claim to cure. According to the dictionary, we need to respond appropriately to these emotional and physical threats to relieve our stress, and the best and perhaps only way to do this is to educate ourselves and then learn how to peacefully say the word no to tyranny. This can prove stressful too, but at least we’ll be confronting the issue directly instead of attempting to escape psychological trauma by swallowing a happy pill.

For those of you who can’t escape the clutches of antidepressants, don’t be too hard on yourselves – it’s actually not your fault. This was done to you by Controllers who are very good at their jobs, and as citizens we do what we can to cope with the nightmare our once-beautiful country has become.

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